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Alexis N. Schoenkekase

Project Topic / Abstract:

“Comparative Pollen morphology in the giant water lily (Victoria, Nymphaeaceae)”

The giant water lily Victoria is native to South America and includes two species, Victoria amazonica and Victoria cruziana. Both species are grown in cultivation in the United States, and these have been variously crossed to produce several hybrids. For example, the `Longwood’ hybrid was generated by crossing V. amazonica as the pod (ovule) parent and V. cruziana as the pollen parent. The `Adventure’ hybrid is the result of the reciprocal cross. Pollen grains of Victoria are interesting because they are held together in permanent tetrads. However, little is known about pollen variation within the genus. The objective of this research was to use electron microscopy to study mature pollen morphology of both species of Victoria and three hybrids, including `Longwood,’ `Adventure,’ and `Atlantis.’ The following characters were documented and compared: tetrad size and shape, pollen grain size, aperture size and type, surface ornamentation, wall infrastructure, and wall thickness.



  • Truman Undergraduate Research Conference (Kirksville, MO)
  • Truman Student Research Conference View Abstract


  • Truman Student Research Conference (Kirksville, MO) View Abstract